Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Last Ten Years Rambling

I had plenty of time to think will sick during New Years. I made a little list of the last 10 years. Mind you, I was under the influence of codeine cough syrup! So here are my thoughts.

In this decade:
  • My first decade as an 'adult'
  • loved and lost
  • Gained a sis-in-law, 2 nephews and a niece
  • Reconnected with old friends
  • went to and was in too many weddings to mention
  • Moved cross-country
  • Came to grips with a few realities that are out of my control
  • Found myself, lost it, and found it again
  • learned how to snowboard
  • driven the same SUV
  • Had amazing roomates that influenced who i am today
  • Backpacked with roomies across Europe and visited Thailand
  • Finished 2nd degree and started final one
  • Found a new career by accident and had amazing students
  • Saw our country fall on its knees on 9/11
  • Solo-backpacked northern England & Scotland
  • Lost 2 grandparents (father's parents)
  • opened my mouth but learned how to close it
  • lost my dream job
  • Seattle
  • Lived in 4 locations in SLC (2 houses, 1 apt, 1 townhouse)
  • Moved to Scotland
  • Volunteer and experienced Sundance Film Festival
  • NYC broadway trip
  • 2000 was a size 8/9.....ummmm not now :) 
  • moved back to the midwest
  • dream Central Park carriage ride in the snow
  • SLC Olympics
  • Skied, hiked, snow shoed, canoed, road tripped in the mts of Utah
  • Moved from CDs to Ipod to Macbook to Iphone
Not too shabby!

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