Tuesday, June 17, 2008

crazy fans

Euro 2008... another reason to watch soccer

EuroCup is my fav event. Yes the world cup is great but I like the smaller eurocup.

1. The fans... chants, crying, anger, and joy.... thousands of them become one big family
2. excuse for straight men to dress up and put makeup on.
3. why is it that the italians always have sweaty long hair and facial hair... dutch are bald... the french look like someone kicked their dog...etc...
4. my only non-food french word i know.... henry... 'on-ree'

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Fondue nite!!

The girls and I went to fondue for my bday. We went for dinner and ended up staying there for 4 hours. The we walked around downtown and hit a coffeeshop for tea and Hot Choc before going home. It was funny cause we actual made it home by 1 am and all of us were beat. The next day we met up for brunch. It was a great 48 hours. Kim got me this cool fruit bouquet. Rho treated us to dinner and gave me a great bracelet from hawaii and other treats. That along with the flowers and other treats... my day was nice. Except for the aging thing!! lol


I have had a busy week. Last week I was applying for jobs and accidently emailed the wrong person about a position. however he saw my resume and offered me a summer position as a Grad Assistant. He actually hired me without letting HR know he was looking for someone....lol So I start there tomorrow. Could last a week or a month. But it will a nice bit of cash.

Secondly... I was called into an interview for a job that I didnt apply for. They saw my resume and thought i would be a good fit for a job at the district. This position is handling SIS for the entire district. I was the last interview at 3pm and they called me at 8am with a job offer. The money is the best I have seen in the area. They actual start me out at the 7yr rate versus other districts who start you at the bottom. it is a 10.5 month but the yearly pay is actually more then I was making in Utah and with a shorter contract. So yipee for me!!! So I start... pending the board signing off on it at the end of July.

Since things happen in threes... i am either getting my hair cut or playing the lotto while my good luck is running!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Its my bday

Another year... yipee!! It was raining today so it was pretty low key. On the high side I found a new market that holds all of my foreign food fetishes..... choc bisquits check.....italian orange soda.... check.... Indian curry and breads..... check.... scottish shortbread check..... gelato check. I would go on and on but you get the point. So even though it was rain soaked I was able to see a lil ray of sunshine in this market. Now I have to add more minutes to my workout to justify the added treats! LOL

My roomate just returned from hawaii bearing gifts and treats. Thank goodness. I have been kinda bored and have been cleaning too much. Summer is here and I am so excited. I have posted all the activities on the calendar and have got all the hiking trails mapped out. We even made our 'to do' list. They include: canoeing, hiking, lake, watch soccer, art fest downtown, keep herb garden alive, etc.. We also mapped out some day trips so we don't get travel-antsy .Our pool is open so that will be some added fun... plus we can watch all the eye candy walk by. lol

House sitting in the Wilds

You would think that a weekend of housesitting would be easy as pie. A few cats a dog and flowers to tend to. But alas the animals decided to gang up against me. Here is quick recap:
1. giant snapper turtle gets on porch then attacks Lisa as she tried to take him to field on shovel. Neighbor saw Lisa being a shrieking girly girl and came to help

2. can decides to bring bird into house for dinner. Except for baby bird is still alive and scawking

3. around midnite animals going crazy. Go to find out why and see that enormous toad is hopping around the house. Trap it in den and cat helps me get it out. Dog was afraid of it and ran away.

4. attempted to make croissants from scratch... one batch did not rise but were flakey other batch was large but not flakey

5. my painting project went well, even though the cat kept wanting to 'help'

6. garden... no problem. And my portable herb garden is still alive!!

I should have charged more.... oh wait I did it for free... lol