Thursday, September 30, 2010

Secret post club

It always seems to arrive on the day that I need it the most. Opening up my mailbox to this surprise truly lightens one's day. Funny enough my secret pal was the person I sent something to last month! This month I received a fab book---well any book is great isn't it?-- chocolates, fun napkins and a nice card. She also quilted a lavender pillow with the lavender from her garden. I love getting these goodies. It also helps me come up with ideas for the next month swap.

I have also received in previous months: books, scarf, chocolates, notebooks, soaps and cute storage tins. All of these are lovely and I truly try to remember to email a thank you every time. I keep forgetting to post about it so I wanted to take a moment to say THANKS to all the fab bloggers that I have sent and received gifts from.

Thanks a bunch everyone!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Ode to Brunch

I am a fan of Brunch. I am very sentimental of this type of meal. There are different versions of brunch that I adore. Brunch with friends at a diner/cafe, preferably outside, catching up on life, and sitting for ages without a rush in the world. Brunch with the kids/family full of pancakes, laughter and no cares. No planning or time limits that the Sunday dinner tends to bring. Then there is the romantic brunch. Either at home or out. Leisurely enjoying each other's company. Talking or not, newspapers or books stretched out before us. Minutes slip by and keep the tea refilled while in our own little world.

A park, the living room, or coffee shop- the brunch adapts to the location. Funny enough I also enjoy the solo brunch. Soft-boiled eggs or french toast at home while the radio or movie is on. Sitting at a coffee shop/ outside cafe (either at home or even when abroad) with the newspaper or favorite book and a cup a tea that never gets cold. I let myself get lost in my thoughts and re-charge for the week ahead---And of course, people watching. I love watching couples, families, and groups enjoying their time at brunch. Everyone is always cheerful, not in a hurry, and full of catching up with themselves or each other.

I indulge in this pleasure whenever I can. So today is the solo-brunch. Soft boiled eggs, bacon, and apricot jam on warm biscuits. Sitting with some tea and a new book, I plan on lounging away a few hours.


Monday, September 13, 2010

The Tint is in the air

As I was running along the trail this morning I could see the small changes that were showing the hints of fall. The evil squirrels were too busy now to try to scare me off the trails, the turkeys were gathering, and there is something different about the sun. The sun is bright and warm. Chasing away the chill in the air. I can only describe the change as it has a different tint.... the warm colors that will turn the leaves is peeking thru.

I have a fondness for fall. The warm inviting colors always bring me in like a cozy cardigans. the crunch of the leaves, bonfires etc... are on the horizon.

So while I was avoiding the evil squirrels I thought back to what a fine summer I had. The highlight was that my niece and nephew had a great week long adventure and road trip with me. Gardens, festivals, lounging with books in the sun, all made this summer great My to-do list is a bit shorter but never finished it..... but isn't that what summer is for? Avoiding those lists?