Monday, December 24, 2007


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Sunday, December 23, 2007


NYC trip with John

We met at the airport after I tried to sleep there. We checked into a hotel... bless john's heart.... made the hostels in Europe look like the Hyatt! We hit the ground running and started our site seeing. Thank goodness the strike was over and we were ale to see spamalot.... loved it!! I laughed throughout and couldn't wait to rent search for the holy grail.

I had wanted to branch out to brooklyn but we ran out of time. Instead we enjoyed
Rockfeller center,
the windows at Macy's,
the Bronz Zoo at nite,
lil italy,
John's search for the perfect purse in chinatown
central park carriage ride in the snow
the MET
Nat's History Museum
Times Square

One of my fav moments is going into Burger King in the bronz and running into a scene of tables of older men playing chess, having coffee, and enjoying their heated banter. I believe they were all E. European and cute as a button.

Secondly, finding an amazing lil restaurant in lil' italy. It was crowded, loud, and the staff was amazing. Oh and then there was the food.... yummmmmmmmy
And of course the whole reason we went.... to see WICKED. I am now a huge fan and all the hype is true. Gotta love NYC... i just hope to avoid that hotel and maybe get to Brooklyn.

Happy Holidays!!

Another year and another holiday season is upon us. This year has been a roller coaster but what a good ride!! I started the year at a crossroads not only careerwise but also my personal life. I ended up grasping ahold of a dream of working overseas and running with it.

What a blessing it is to experience life thru the eyes of a expat. I only wish I had a TV crew with me to document all of my mishaps, enjoyments, and crazy experiences. I can't put into words how this experience has shaped my outlook of the tiny world we live in but also a new outlook of me. Of course this has fueled my already rampant travel bug!! I have had the opportunity to travel on the weekends to various places in the Uk and Europe but also the small treasures that the locals have kept a secret. My community in Scotland has been as inviting and warm as any other here in the midwest... just with the quirkie Scot habits.

I am continuing my masters program to obtain my HS Counseling Degree. This has been a greater challenge then I thought. I am having to dig deep and push myself to keep motivated to complete this goal. Also adjusting to life in Missouri has been harder then I thought. I have been away for 7 years and am a different person since I left.

Being away from Utah I have realized how much of a home it has become. I have been able to visit a few time since leaving. I hope to return after my degree is completed but we will see where the open road leads me. I have also had the chance to experience NYC at xmas time. We were lucky to have nice weather till the last day and we were greeted with a dusting of snow for our central park carriage ride.

What is in store for next year?? I could guess but I know that I would be wrong. I hope to finish my degree and start working full time as a counselor. Where??? Throw a dart on the map and I may be there! When I know, you'll know.

I hope you have enjoyed the holidays and have been able to share some time with friends and family. Keep in touch and I wish you a wonderful NEW YEAR!