Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow Snow Snow

We are being hit by 3 snow storms.... glad i went skiing yesterday.
Job news.... 3 are in the running but I am trying to hold out for the job in Switzerland. 2 pay the same but the other pays alot more but the department is a mess and i think i would be stressed and it would be here in SLC.(think i would only stay till aug) Come on Swiss.....make a decision!!

The last few weeks have been filled with running errands, skiing, trying to tie up loose ends before I move. Good thing I am not working!! lol Well I guess the few hours i spend at starbucks is work.

I know I am going to forget something very important with the move...any tips??

Friday, February 2, 2007

Future expat

The ball is rolling...... expat here i come
Between skiing I have been trying to de-junk. The file cabinet was easy. I have bags of shredded paper to go to the recycle bin. I have two boxes of travel stuff I need to organize and put the photos in some proper albums. But other then that, my bedroom doesn't have alot of junk. Taxes are still looming but they will get done eventually. Maybe if the skiing is bad I will stay indoors for the day!

Now the pantry and sports closet.... that will be a scary moment.

Finally found my resume on a disc and updated it. Looked up some possible jobs abroad and here. Now the hard work starts. If no job pops up then I will just bum around for a bit abroad.---- but i really like money!