Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!!

Happy May Day!! Remember the days of making baskets for friends and neighbors? Going door to door and trying not to get caught leaving the presents. :)  This was a big deal in our town in Nebraska....

Finals are over but the rain hasn't stopped. So I am thinking it is time to enjoy not doing anything for a bit. Just in time is the Royal Wedding. I don't follow celebs alot but this was a fun thing to watch. I love weddings of all kind. Plus being a history and pol sci major had me surrounded by the royals of many countries that shaped our world. Who needs a soap opera when you can crack up a history book and get an eye-full.

I think the best part was the crowds. The public had a chance to celebrate just being British and enjoying themselves. It has been a hard year for alot of people so it was nice to see villages, cities, pubs, and parks full of people having a great time being British. I didn't make it to the expat bfast but enjoyed watching it in my pjs. Plus I will admit---- there is still the little girl in me that remembers those fairy tale weddings

I know, I know. There are alot of things that can be said against the establishment. But for a moment it was fun seeing the carriages, hats, and boys in uniforms. :) Also this is a new generation of Royals. So hopefully they can raise the bar. But enough already---- BBC kept replaying it over and over. Seriously!!?!? Do we need to see it that many times?

Off to a week of no deadlines till the next class starts on May 9th...... hopefully the rain will stop before then.