Monday, January 25, 2010

Robert Burns Supper--- The Bard

Happy Burns Night to all of my Scottish/Scottish Lovin peeps!

If you didn't know, Burns Night/Supper celebrate Robert Burns who is a hero of Scottish Lit. Jan 25th Scots and Scottish societies celebrate his life and being scottish with food, music, and his poetry.

There is a specific order to the supper. Welcome with a scottish blessing, Haggis with the famous poem to accompany it, dinner, toast to Robert Burns, toast to the lassies, reply from the lassies, songs or poetry of Burns, closing with singing of Auld Lang Syne . Entertainment is scattered throughout. 

Gerald Butler is currently making a movie of Burn's life.

Red Red Rose

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Michelloui said...

I also read that Gerard Butler is making a (racy) film about Burns' life--wow! Cant wait!! hope you enjoyed your Burns night!