Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have been struggling with this blog. I wanted to make some points without seeming insensitive or heartless.

Haiti is a very complicated situation. The Haiti in my mind is from the violence and corruption of the 90’s and 2000’s and also its history of human rights violations. It has been struck with multiple hurricanes ( as recent as 4 last year). I still recall images of citizens risking their lives in anything that could float to escape and make it to our southern shores. It is the poorest country in the Americas and the 4th poorest in the world. Haiti relies mostly on aid money and debt forgiveness.

As the TV coverage shows the horrible conditions in Haiti, fingers have been pointed. Is it the fault of the French who left the colony to fend for itself, American fault for not helping more, or even the Spanish who first colonized the island? I would like to see if the coverage will remind everyone that the wealth of the country has been pirated away to 1% of the country who also holds government office. The decades of dictators did nothing for the greater wealth of the country and just lined their pockets. I was appalled that they actually interviewed the leader that tried to say he felt the citizens’ pain because some of the PALACE that he lives in has been damaged. I really doubt that this is relatable. Seriously??? Stop doing interviews and open your gates for medical workers and shelter!

Also I think that this is a prime example to show how just throwing money ‘aid’ to a country does not mean it will use such funds to better the country. Will this be covered? And if it is, will aid still be carelessly thrown their way without a true rebuilding of the country? And finally, will we(Americans) even care?

I hope that within this crisis hope will emerge with Haitians trying to re-build its country for a stable future. My fear is that the aid will not get to those who need it and the wealthiest will keep lining their pockets.

My heart goes out the families that have lost and will have to rebuild. I will never truly understand the pain and loss that they are enduring. I only hope they can have the courage and adequate assistance to survive thru this tragedy. Other countries have and I believe they can also.

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