Thursday, February 25, 2010

200,000 miles for my trusty Rodeo!!

The End of Winter?

As I look at the calendar I am so excited to be leaving Febuary and heading into March. March holds the promise of Spring and sunny days. However the 'in-between' season is my least favorite. Snow melting into gray-ish piles. Freezing in the AM and PM but overdressed during the day. Brown grass and dead gardens making an appearance as the snow leaves.No leaves or green.....anywhere. And mud....really can't stand it when I have my nice shoes on.

I haven't written much in Feburary. I blame the other ways of chatting to peeps. By the time I go to write in my blog, I realize that I have said everything already via facebook or twitter.

I am working on a project for my family. No details but it is going to rock!! I think even tears will be involved. I hope to have it done by April or July. Speaking of the family. All is well. The kids are growing so fast and gearing up for spring sports. We, like many families, are feeling the effects of the economy. It looked like we escaped some problems but alas they found us. I hope that it makes us stronger and take time to see where we are at in our lives. Easier said then done. Things could be worse and everyone is healthy and safe.

I have tried really hard this month to step back and save more. I will need a new car someday and need to start acting like a grownup. (insert snickering here) But I think I am back on track for the things that really make me happy.

My summer plans might actually happen. I have a nice little trip planned. Now I just got to buy the tickets and start finalizing things. It is a nice distraction from cabin fever and homework.

So that is Feburary. Drama-free but full of cabin fever. I have loads of pics to put up from xmas..... will do soon.