Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa, can I have a car?

Outback, Murano, Jetta
I hate it when you have this nagging feeling that it is time to get a new car. I have had mine since 2000. I love my Rodeo SUV. But it now has 200,000 miles on it, the winshield frame needs replaced (leaking water when it rains), and now the driver side window control stopped working so none of the windows roll down.

Other then that, it doesn't have any large mechanical problems. But I know that this is a matter of time. It took me FOREVER to pick out this one so I should start window shopping and deciding what I want to spend. It doesn't help that the companies are having end-of-year sales!

I think the big decision will be whether or not to go back to a car or stay with a SUV. I kinda would like to have a real trunk again but I love the space and height on my SUV. So the plan is to test drive a few different options and see what I think. It has been so long that I don't even know what is out there.

Option 1: Drive my SUV till it dies a fantastic death. Save $$ till that time
Option 2: Use what I have already saved and grab a good deal with hopes that I can sell the SUV for a little bit of cash.

Lease? Buy?

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