Monday, May 21, 2007

This guy walked 1000 miles after his bro died in Iraq. He covered all of the UK.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Southern France: sun, the ocean, beach, men in really tiny suits that shouldn't be wearing them & men that should wear them but play for the other team, the food..... could go on and on!!

It was a great surprise that we were able to get the timeshare for the weekend and just fly on over. Nice to escape for the weekend. The area was busy getting ready for the film festival but it wasn't crowded yet.

I will download my pics asap... these are from the other cameras

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

London Bridge is falling down

Weekend in London

The best hostel! One of the Trio of St Christophers. (The Orient Espresso Hostel) The location is fab and I don't know why i haven't stayed here before. Located steps from London Bridge station and above a coffeehouse. Newly remodeled female floor, free lotion/shampoo//soap and cute saying on the the wall ..everywhere including the shower. 'after 15 hours on the plane..feel free to smell good' Had Slovenia roomies who were so fun.

Spooks/MI5- one of my fav shows. As I was walking along the Thames I ran across the cast of MI5 shooting an episode!! Maybe he could be my 3rd husband..

Other highlights
Shopping at Nottinghill/portobello road, H&M, etc..

Crepes by real Frenchies

Store from the movie "notting hill"

English Wedding..

5 hour delay at airport... could have driven it by then
Saw Othello(very dark play) at the globe theater...sat next to Utah nat'l Guard
Almost missed flight, took taxi(50$$) to airport

Stupid moments:
Hmm this hot cider tastes strange...ohh it is hard cider!! DUH
Forgot which airport I was flying into... hey it was 4am!


Harry Potter

Borough market london

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Current Favs


Nelly Furtado/Timberlake/Tmberland
Avril- I hate ur girlfreind


Becoming Jane

Mr. Darcy Eat Your Heart Out!!


Place in the sun (finding vacation homes)

Lucy in the sky


Indian Coconut Chicken

random photos

school playground. Handmade by local

Believe it or not... it's walmart

One of the most expensive locations in the world... starbucks facing the castle