Monday, April 27, 2009

April Showers & Birthdays

April has been an odd month full of birthdays and annoying weather. It seems that Missouri skipped spring and moved from Winter to Summer. I don't mind 80' weather but I do miss the pleasant spring days filled with cool yet summy weather with rain mixed in.

On the plus side---i love the smell of cut grass. My parents are putting in a new garden so I can't wait to get my hands dirty. We always put the flowers in for Mother's Day. Its fun picking out the different flowers and deciding on colors or theme for the year.

This month is a busy month for bdays. Half of my close friends and family have their bday in April. I feel like I have doing nothing but celebrating all month. DOn't get me wrong... it it fun but my wallet is feeling the crunch!

My home decor has come to a halt. I haven't been too motivated to decorate the place. I have some ideas and need to just act on them. I just hate spending the $$ on it. The couch and chair still is fabulous but I need to get some items to finish up the room:

New frames to put up travel pics
pillows for couch
end table
new garbage can

I have a litle over a month left of the school year. I am looking forward to my summer break. I only get 40 days off but I plan on enjoying every bit of it. My brother and fam will be coming down for a week. I hope to get out of Missouri for a couple of weeks as well. Volleyball is going well. The team I am on are loads of fun. I have been ignoring my hip issue and so far it hasn't been too bad.

Hope you take some time out to enjoy the sun!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Grumpy old man magnet

Happy Good Friday! 
Its cold, rainy and I am on day 5 of bronchitis. To make things worse is that NO ONE is getting my Zoolander 'black lunch' reference. I must be getting old.

I decided to drag my sorry butt out and hangout at the internet/coffee cafe. This is a sweet place. But of course if there is an odd old man anywhere to be seen, they find me. He starts the conversation asking about my laptop and once I smile and answer then he is off on the rant.

They owners actually came over to tell him to be quiet. LOL!! But he never leaves. Finally he goes and the cute guy beside me takes off his head phones and says that I was being kind to the grumpy man. Thought about helping me out but said I has handling it. 

Seriously!?!? IF you weren't so cute I would have smacked you for not stepping in.  Maybe my good karma was will result in future conversations with cutie boy. One can only hope.

As cutie boy leaves he tells me his name and says he hopes to see me ---without the loud man-- next time.

FYI---this happened to me last weekend at Starbucks too