Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have had a busy week. Last week I was applying for jobs and accidently emailed the wrong person about a position. however he saw my resume and offered me a summer position as a Grad Assistant. He actually hired me without letting HR know he was looking for So I start there tomorrow. Could last a week or a month. But it will a nice bit of cash.

Secondly... I was called into an interview for a job that I didnt apply for. They saw my resume and thought i would be a good fit for a job at the district. This position is handling SIS for the entire district. I was the last interview at 3pm and they called me at 8am with a job offer. The money is the best I have seen in the area. They actual start me out at the 7yr rate versus other districts who start you at the bottom. it is a 10.5 month but the yearly pay is actually more then I was making in Utah and with a shorter contract. So yipee for me!!! So I start... pending the board signing off on it at the end of July.

Since things happen in threes... i am either getting my hair cut or playing the lotto while my good luck is running!!!

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