Monday, June 2, 2008

House sitting in the Wilds

You would think that a weekend of housesitting would be easy as pie. A few cats a dog and flowers to tend to. But alas the animals decided to gang up against me. Here is quick recap:
1. giant snapper turtle gets on porch then attacks Lisa as she tried to take him to field on shovel. Neighbor saw Lisa being a shrieking girly girl and came to help

2. can decides to bring bird into house for dinner. Except for baby bird is still alive and scawking

3. around midnite animals going crazy. Go to find out why and see that enormous toad is hopping around the house. Trap it in den and cat helps me get it out. Dog was afraid of it and ran away.

4. attempted to make croissants from scratch... one batch did not rise but were flakey other batch was large but not flakey

5. my painting project went well, even though the cat kept wanting to 'help'

6. garden... no problem. And my portable herb garden is still alive!!

I should have charged more.... oh wait I did it for free... lol

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