Monday, June 2, 2008

Its my bday

Another year... yipee!! It was raining today so it was pretty low key. On the high side I found a new market that holds all of my foreign food fetishes..... choc bisquits check.....italian orange soda.... check.... Indian curry and breads..... check.... scottish shortbread check..... gelato check. I would go on and on but you get the point. So even though it was rain soaked I was able to see a lil ray of sunshine in this market. Now I have to add more minutes to my workout to justify the added treats! LOL

My roomate just returned from hawaii bearing gifts and treats. Thank goodness. I have been kinda bored and have been cleaning too much. Summer is here and I am so excited. I have posted all the activities on the calendar and have got all the hiking trails mapped out. We even made our 'to do' list. They include: canoeing, hiking, lake, watch soccer, art fest downtown, keep herb garden alive, etc.. We also mapped out some day trips so we don't get travel-antsy .Our pool is open so that will be some added fun... plus we can watch all the eye candy walk by. lol

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