Monday, April 9, 2007

what is aga stove

I grabbed this from their website.

On a 4-Oven Aga there are two insulated covers. When closed, they’re just gently warm to the touch; nce opened both hotplates are instantly ready to cook.
The left-hand hotplate is the boiling plate. High heat means water can be boiled faster than most electric kettles. It is large enough to hold three average-sized saucepans at once.

The right-hand hotplate is the simmering plate. Again, this holds three average-sized saucepans and doubles as a griddle.

A 4-Oven Aga also has a square warming plate (without a lid), which is next to the boiling plate. This is a valuable general-purpose warm surface, which is ideal for keeping courses warm before they go to table or simply to keep the coffee pot warm during the day

The top right-hand oven is the roasting oven and is used for roasting, grilling and baking. This oven can take anything up to a 28lB /13kg bird.

The baking oven is on the bottom right hand side, this means there is an oven to suit all your cooking needs providing even greater flexibility for the busy family
The simmering oven is top left-hand side. This is where casseroles, meringues and vegetables – the list is almost endless – can be left to continue (even overnight) while you focus on other tasks.

The additional warming oven is bottom left-hand side. This oven keeps cooked food warm with no risk of it drying it out.

There is the opportunity to change the warming plate on the 4-Oven Aga at the time of order – you can choose either a two-burner gas hob or an electric ceramic hob which has two rapid-response elements.

The 4-Oven Aga is available in a choice of heat source to suit your needs. It can run on natural or propane gas, electricity (13-amp or night storage), or oil (Kerosene or Diesel).

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