Monday, April 23, 2007

Week 3 & 4

Week 3

visited linlithgow palace. Home to Mary Queen of Scots, who is revered here and they don't fancy Elizabeth the way we do in novels. The palace overlooks a lake. All of the castles and palaces have these really nice retired people working. I asked one question and he talked for about 14 min. Now I have all of this usless info..... where the name marmalade comes from, the meaning behind place/town names, how picnicing came about etc...

week 4
Since it was the free admission weekend I took advantage. Went to Cambell Castle in Dollar and the next day I went to St Andrew... the mecca of golf!! Sat was the first day of typical scotland rain. It was actually nice till it got too slick to hike. I then found an outlet mall!! So i bought some proper hiking shoes, pole, books, and another pair of shoes. It was great... will have to pop by again.

The tree blossom lane. Had to stop and take this pic. Couldn't resist.

St andrews. The sign states that it was 40 miles away...but it took 1.5 hours. But it was worth it. It is a combo of the golf mecca and university town. The vibe there was great. Even on a sunday afternoon... the town was happening. St andrews Univ is the poshish place to go... the likes of Price Harry and William. But I ran into alot of Americans.

I keep forgetting to book my flight to london for a mini-vacation. Maybe for May Day or shall i go somehwere warmer??? We will see. Nite!!


Missy said...

Lisa I am so jealous of your adventure! We miss you but we know you are having the time of your life! Like the blog so we can live vicarously through you!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. See you this summer!!! Love, Barbara