Thursday, April 5, 2007

week one scotland

Week One Top Ten

1. can drive on opposite side... no prob
2. really hate roundabouts... traffice lites anyone??
3. weather... heat wave.... i am the curse... but lovin' it!
4. living in a converted barn older then ... well anything
5. my fav uk foods are loads cheaper
6. does anything stay open past 6? even the mall? in view of endiburgh, braveheart monument, and sterling castle 3 broke amer fast food rule and had KFC... they have BBQ sauce!! in the UK sporting nat'l training headquaters... great pubic facilities
10.was upgraded to first class... ohhhhhh ya baby!!!! it was fantastic!! Plus surrounded by southern gents who invited me to st andrews for easter brunch... just my luck

Plus.... and our stove... it is always on/hot with 3 ovens.... i think it is called olga...

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