Monday, October 24, 2011

Biscuits galore

Kelli at 'Kiss the cajun cook' claimed that her buttermilk biscuits were the bomb and couldn't be messed up. I am not a good bread or biscuit baker. So I took that challenge and made the biscuits. Real butter- check. Buttermilk- really? had to go to 2 grocery stores to find it.

So Thursday evening I made them.  The intention was to make some eggy sandwiches for dinner and then eat the rest over the weekend. I had an early day (430am) and thought this would be great. Plus I wanted to use the iron skillet that my gma gave me. It was was the skillet she received for her wedding. I saved it from a garage sale.

The results!?!?!?
Perfectly light biscuits. So great that I call my gma to exclaim my excitement. Thanks Kelli!
Find the recipe here:

So now I have a quart of buttermilk---need to make another batch or two so I can use up the milk. :)

g'ma skillet



Kelli Nørgaard said...

Ok I also have some of my MoMo's pans... they seem to cook better than all that "new" stuff you get in the stores! :-)

And thanks for the plug! I agree that they are SUPER easy and SUPER good!

British food said...

It looks delicious and makes me hungry. I love eating biscuits but I cannot make it. May I know how to make a biscuit? Thanks in advance for your response. Keep it up!

Michelle Bretzing Jacobi said...

Next time, FYI, you can make buttermilk by adding vinegar to milk -- just in case you don't have time to go to 2 stores!