Thursday, January 27, 2011

Post Holiday & Jan Roundup

End of January..... and I am just now putting together the holiday pics and emailing them out. I don't think I have even properly thought of some resolutions aka (projects) for the next year. I finally put up the  last of my Christmas items. No more sitting by the Xmas lights reading or enjoying the smells of the season. But then again I was ready to have a tidy apt.

The holilday season was a bit of a blur. I have been working a 2nd job night and weekends. If you have ever worked retail then you know the pain I am talking about. Some weeks I was racking up 30 hrs on top of my regular job 40 hrs. As I worked I kept thinking, wow is this how people shop during 'hard times' I hate to see it when the economy is good. Also it made me want to avoid shopping like the plague.

 On the plus side I made enough from Nov-Dec to pay for spring semester of grad school. :) Plus a little extra for my travel plans this summer.

I spent New Years weekend with the family in Illinois. I always have such a fantastic time with the kids. Swam at the hotel pool, nature walked, and had loads of junk food into the wee hours of the night.

Pics can be found here - Christmas Photos

So this winter has been really dry. Only a few days with snow. I have a feeling we will regret this later on in the the summer. I miss the snow.... especially all of the great things that go with it.

I have started my classes this semester and they should be OK. I prob will be ranting about it later as they progress. One of them is a rally 'touchy-feely' counseling class. I am sure I will get used to it later on (hoping). It is alot of counseling role-play but with my classmates revealing their real issues. Sigh.....  I prob will be ranting about it later as they progress.

Haven't quit the 2nd job yet..... still debating it.

So that is Dec/Jan. Loads of work, fun with the kids, and buckling down for a great year!

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