Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall images on the trail

Fall is in the air.... more about that later... and yes I will go on and on about the leaves and the cider! 

The squirrels are organized and ready to attack

deer right off the trail

I went to the Nature Center after work. It is on the way home and it is a great way to spend time jogging on the weekend. I tried to capture a few images while I was jogging. I amuse my gran with my episodes on the trail.

 Here are a few:
1. Almost got ran over by a deer... literally....this week deer was blocking the trail within the first 10 yards!
2. Turkeys are on the lookout when i first drive it
3. Squirrels are out to get me! Jumping from trees and criss crossing in front of me
4. the bunnies just sit back and watch

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