Thursday, September 30, 2010

Secret post club

It always seems to arrive on the day that I need it the most. Opening up my mailbox to this surprise truly lightens one's day. Funny enough my secret pal was the person I sent something to last month! This month I received a fab book---well any book is great isn't it?-- chocolates, fun napkins and a nice card. She also quilted a lavender pillow with the lavender from her garden. I love getting these goodies. It also helps me come up with ideas for the next month swap.

I have also received in previous months: books, scarf, chocolates, notebooks, soaps and cute storage tins. All of these are lovely and I truly try to remember to email a thank you every time. I keep forgetting to post about it so I wanted to take a moment to say THANKS to all the fab bloggers that I have sent and received gifts from.

Thanks a bunch everyone!



Kelli Nørgaard said...

VERY VERY Cool!! Those special packages always seem to arrive...just when we need them!

Heather said...

oh how wonderful!

Tauni said...

Looks like a fun adventure Lisa!