Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tartan Day

Happy Tartan Day to all my Scottish Friends. (Or those who just love everything ) Scottish. Grab your kilt and a wee bit o’ haggis!!

From the Glens to the coast and the Craigs to the Highlands, Scotland is a lovely country. No matter where I went, Scotland had a certain feel about it. Always lined with a bit of salt air. Living there was everything I thought it would be plus more. I didn’t realize how vivid & wild the countryside would be and how eclectic/diverse the people are. Plus is is a history-buffs dream. Throw in the accent and I am lost. I will admit that there are parts of Scotland that I haven’t figured out. Especially the divide with catholics/non-catholics, Glasgow, and the crazy rivalry between the Celtics 7 the Rangers and fried candy bars. Regardless, Scotland sweeps me off my feet every time.

Some Tartan Day Links:

Scottish Peeps
Sir William Wallace

Robert Burns
Mary Queen of Scots
Queen Victoria

Sir Sean Connery- James Bond

Gerard Butler

Craig Ferguson

David Tennant- Dr Who
Ewan McGregor


Kelli Nørgaard said...

Was this a salute to Tartan or to all those hot actors that I just love!! Especially Gerard Butler! :o)

hope you get to plan a trip to Scotland soon!!

lisa said...

Thanks Kelli. I agree.... a salute to both! I taught in Stirling and I really need to get back over there. It has been 2 years.