Tuesday, February 10, 2009

post-holiday update

Don’t forget to check out the family pics!!

It’s actually almost mid-Feb but later is better then never Right!?!? The Holidays were highlighted with my emergency gall bladder surgery. That put a twist in the plans. I was lucky to have it happen so close to the holiday break. I spent the first week of the break in bed sleeping. Lets be honest there is about 30 days that I don’t remember! No complications so far. I am just very impatient and still trying to get back to eating food with spice.

My family celebrated the holidays at my brother’s house in Illinois. Forgot how bitter cold the north was! We were lucky to be there between the winter storms. Had a great time and celebrated the New Year’s with my niece and nephew. My new nephew, Nathan, is cute as a button. He slept thru the New Year but I enjoyed spending time with him.

Jan went by really fast and honestly nothing exciting happened. Except for the 3 days snowed in. LOL!! WE were lucky that the ice went further south. They are still cleaning up the mess about 2 hours south of us.

Work is going well. I am between projects right now. Can’t finish any one thing yet. In a few weeks everything will pick up and I will be crazy busy. Its feast or famine! I have been applying for multiple grants while I have the time. I am hoping that some funds will come my way so I don’t have to take out student loans for my last semester.

In March I am moving. My roommate is returning to Hawaii. So this will be the first time I will have the apartment to myself….ever!! Silver lining is that she will be in town till summer at her sis’s house…..which includes a pool and hottub. LOL We will be bummed when she leaves but that just means a trip to Hawaii for me. 

Plans for Spring and Summer are in the air. We lost some vacation days due to the snow so I have to reschedule my Utah plans. I still want to go overseas sometime this summer. The Brit Pound and Euro has finally fallen so the exchange right is more reasonable. Last year it was almost double. EEK!! I guess tourism is also down so there are some great deals.

That is about it. Hope all is well with you. Keep me posted.

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