Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sept Update

Hope you are enjoying your pre-fall activities!!

The last four days been really nice fall rainy weather. But the last few days I have been sick. Don't know if it is a nice cold or allergies. Hopefully this weekend I get over it. I figured since I am stuck inside, might as well catch up on some emails.

Work has been really busy, but in a different way then I was used to before. End of September and October I have a bunch of state reporting I have to do... plus the regular stuff. I rarely see anyone... mostly just phone calls and emails from people needing help.

Labor weekend was really nice. My sis-in-law is doing really great.... she is due mid-October but I don't think she will last that long. They are having a boy... Nathaniel

We shopped with the kids, biked/played in the park, & did some exploring in the towns near by on the Mississippi. On the way home we stopped at this huge Amish colony... bought some cool stuff. Seriously good cheese, breads, and summer sausage.

I haven't up North for awhile and forgot about how Northerners act... sometimes in peculiar ways.

But the cops were extremely thick. Saw over 12 in an hour. Actually got pulled over. But I was going faster earlier in the day. The officer said the windows of my mom's car was too dark...whatever. They gave me a warning and no my good looks didn't get me out of the ticket--- i was still in my PJ's. :)

Will post pics ASAP.

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