Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays!!

Another year and another holiday season is upon us. This year has been a roller coaster but what a good ride!! I started the year at a crossroads not only careerwise but also my personal life. I ended up grasping ahold of a dream of working overseas and running with it.

What a blessing it is to experience life thru the eyes of a expat. I only wish I had a TV crew with me to document all of my mishaps, enjoyments, and crazy experiences. I can't put into words how this experience has shaped my outlook of the tiny world we live in but also a new outlook of me. Of course this has fueled my already rampant travel bug!! I have had the opportunity to travel on the weekends to various places in the Uk and Europe but also the small treasures that the locals have kept a secret. My community in Scotland has been as inviting and warm as any other here in the midwest... just with the quirkie Scot habits.

I am continuing my masters program to obtain my HS Counseling Degree. This has been a greater challenge then I thought. I am having to dig deep and push myself to keep motivated to complete this goal. Also adjusting to life in Missouri has been harder then I thought. I have been away for 7 years and am a different person since I left.

Being away from Utah I have realized how much of a home it has become. I have been able to visit a few time since leaving. I hope to return after my degree is completed but we will see where the open road leads me. I have also had the chance to experience NYC at xmas time. We were lucky to have nice weather till the last day and we were greeted with a dusting of snow for our central park carriage ride.

What is in store for next year?? I could guess but I know that I would be wrong. I hope to finish my degree and start working full time as a counselor. Where??? Throw a dart on the map and I may be there! When I know, you'll know.

I hope you have enjoyed the holidays and have been able to share some time with friends and family. Keep in touch and I wish you a wonderful NEW YEAR!


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