Monday, August 20, 2007

August Update

It takes a natural disaster to put my town on the map. We got over a foot of rain this morning and had flooding. It made for a nice commute. Gotta love the midwest weather!! It was featured on NBS news. Here is a clip. Our yard was flooded to the carport and the driveway was washed out.

Nothing too exciting with me. It is really odd not being at a school for the first time in seven years. I am usually in overdrive getting everything ready for the new year. But I am starting my second semester in the counseling program. I am also taking a rock climbing class. eeekk. We shall see how this goes! I should be back in Utah in Jan for my internship. Socially..... pretty quiet. i think i had a easier time adjusting to scotland! I forgot all the quirkie things here in the midwest/south. My co-workers are nice and we go out.

I am planning a trip in the winter. Haven't narrowed down where yet. My travel sidekick has some issues at work and can't committ to the dates yet. So we might just go to New York or something for the weekend. I will be in utah in september and october to finalize my internship and visit.

Summer is winding down.... hope you were able to enjoy it! Keep me posted on what is new with you.

Miller in the news!!

Flood pics

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