Tuesday, May 15, 2007

London Bridge is falling down

Weekend in London

The best hostel! One of the Trio of St Christophers. (The Orient Espresso Hostel) The location is fab and I don't know why i haven't stayed here before. Located steps from London Bridge station and above a coffeehouse. Newly remodeled female floor, free lotion/shampoo//soap and cute saying on the the wall ..everywhere including the shower. 'after 15 hours on the plane..feel free to smell good' Had Slovenia roomies who were so fun.

Spooks/MI5- one of my fav shows. As I was walking along the Thames I ran across the cast of MI5 shooting an episode!! Maybe he could be my 3rd husband..

Other highlights
Shopping at Nottinghill/portobello road, H&M, etc..

Crepes by real Frenchies

Store from the movie "notting hill"

English Wedding..

5 hour delay at airport... could have driven it by then
Saw Othello(very dark play) at the globe theater...sat next to Utah nat'l Guard
Almost missed flight, took taxi(50$$) to airport

Stupid moments:
Hmm this hot cider tastes strange...ohh it is hard cider!! DUH
Forgot which airport I was flying into... hey it was 4am!


Harry Potter

Borough market london

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